Saturday, May 30, 2015

Anodized Parts and Packaging Designs

In our last update we shared photos of the completed raw aluminum parts, and while it took longer than we expected for full anodizing, here is what they look like now:

We have experienced several small delays these past few weeks - no major setbacks, but enough to push our timeline into June. Working with different manufacturers (for Relic XR, XR accessories, and stretch goal rewards), all with different production schedules and delivery timelines, made this project more of a juggle for us, but we can report that Relic XR flashlight production should be complete the first week of June, while the ZH1 charger and accessories will be completed by the 2nd week of June.
We then need to factor in shipping time from overseas to our warehouse, where we will begin fullfillment. This ultimately pushes our deliveries to the end of June, but we are pushing as hard as we can to accelerate this timeframe. We will be sure to have our packaging fullfillment assembly line ready for the big day when the Relic XR pallets arrive.

lanyards, paracord keychains, and wrist straps have arrived
lanyards, paracord keychains, and wrist straps have arrived
Here is a sample of the Relic XR, ZH1 charger packaging, and accessories header card designs, which have been finalized and are printing now:

Thanks for understanding as we take just a few more weeks to complete your rewards, and we'll continue to keep you posted!
Thank you,
Amy & Aaron


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